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Admission Criteria

The following guidelines are required for acceptance to Hearts of Gold Care Homes:


  1. 18 to 59 years of age.

  2. Male or female.

  3. No ability to perform self- care.

  4. Medically stable (including the following conditions):


    Cerebral palsy



    Severe physical handicaps



    Insulin dependency

    Catheter care

    Inhalation-assisted devices

    Stage 1 & 2 dermal ulcers

    Non ambulatory

5. Behaviors (maladaptive) including:

    Aggression (biting, hitting, kicking, pinching, hair pulling, grabbing)

    Self abuse (head banging, biting self, hitting self, scratching self)


    Verbal abuse




    Inappropriate sexual behaviors

    Special diets

    Self - stimulating behaviors

    Fecal smearing

    Pica (limited)

    Property destruction





The following are not acceptable at Hearts of Gold Care Homes:

  1. Maladaptive behaviors with history of serious injury to self or others.

  2. Sexually assaultive behaviors. 

  3. Any type of pyromania.

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