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The Alta Vista Home

(Level 4G) is located at 1975 Alta Vista Drive, Vista, CA 92084.  Six clients reside at this home, their developmental levels range from moderate to severe.  


The home is enveloped by .4 acre in a beautiful upscale country neighborhood.  It is all on one floor, featuring wide hallways and enlarged doorways to provide ease of movement for the non-ambulatory consumers. Containing a large living area (2,200 sq ft) there are 2 private bedrooms and two double bedrooms, one of which features its own private patio.  There are 3 bathrooms, and two are wheelchair “roll in” baths.  A covered patio runs the length of the back of the home and is well suited for mini-soccer, basketball, etc.  The front of the home boasts a beautiful lawn and well maintained orchard.


This immaculate Ranch Style home is nestled in the hills yet only ½ mile from downtown Vista shopping and bus routes.  A location only ½ mile from Brengle Terrace Park and Moonlight Amphitheater makes it convenient for outdoor recreation and community integration. 

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