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Program Plan

The Program Plan for Hearts of Gold Care Homes is to be able to serve consumers who need help with personal care skills such as bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming, ambulating and eating. Consumers on medication are closely monitored by physicians, psychiatrists and specialists as needed. Hearts of Gold Care Homes also emphasizes behavioral management such as dealing with tantrums, biting, hitting, self abuse, etc.  Hearts of Gold Care Homes’ program addresses three main target areas:

  1. Development of basic self help skills. This portion of the program assists consumers to gain the necessary skills to perform personal hygiene, toileting, grooming, dressing, etc. on a semi-independent or independent level.

  2. Behavioral management is used for control or extinction of maladaptive behaviors.  Hearts of Gold Care Home’s behavioral management consultant formulates an Individual Service Plan for each consumer using positive behavioral modification programming.  No adverse programming is used.  The behavior program follows IPP objectives and I.D. team members have input into this program’s development.

  3. Community awareness skills.  Hearts of Gold Care Homes help the consumer to become safety conscious, learn acceptable behavior and be involved in community and school functions, as well as learning to appreciate community resources such as the library, community swimming pool, parks, community center, etc.

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