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On admission day, the SDRC case manager will submit an admission agreement packet; parents or a designated representative will sign all necessary forms; agencies and parents will review house rules, visitation policy, grievance procedure, day program attendance, behavior modification techniques, consumer rights policy, etc.


Thirty-Day Review

Within ten days the consumer is required to have a physical. During this time a behavioral consultant will gather information on consumer’s preferences such as activities, friends, outings, food, etc. This information is used to formulate a behavior modification plan. An assessment is done by our I.D. team and psychologist to determine appropriate placement. A person-centered IPP will develop objectives for behavior management, self-care skills, consumer participation, and appropriate community services. This thirty-day review may include the SDRC manager, psychologist, Hearts of Gold Care Homes administrator and/or owner, parents, and other interested parties.


On Admission Day, all emergency criteria will be entered on the consumer face sheet and will be kept in the cover of the consumer’s medical notebook.

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