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Program Description

All Six Hearts of Gold Care Homes are located within ¼ to 2 miles of each other. This proximity was purposely conceived by the present owner to contribute to the ease of management.  It literally takes “minutes” to get from one location to another. All six homes were chosen because they are on one level. This feature facilitates the client  with challenging gaits and the non-ambulatory.

All 6 homes specialize in the care of the consumer with emphasis on behavioral management. The minimum of 3 to 1 staff to consumer ratio and significant staff training promote a decrease in maladaptive behaviors that are a barrier to greater independence and provide for living in the least restrictive environment possible.


All homes provide a clean, safe and comfortable living environment with a loving and caring staff. This combination creates a home-like family setting where joy and personal growth abound. Physically, every opportunity is made to improve the consumer’s health and daily functioning. At Hearts of Gold Care Homes, the consumer can grow and develop self esteem, self worth and seek normalization and community integration.


Hearts of Gold Homes are all located within easy reach of many community resources which are used whenever possible to aid the consumer in achieving greater independence and receive varied input and stimulation while learning new life skills.

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